The most awaited and unique Automatic Trimmer. The trimming has never been easier!

Automatic Trimmer®

How does it work

The Automatic Trimmer L® is a unique and fully automated device with the capacity to trim as much as 30kg per hour.
The unrivalled design allows for quick and effortless assembly and maintenance. The „exchangeable tumbler system“, a brand new technology, brings automatic trimming to a whole new level that is unparalleled in the industry.

Trimming made Easy. The Automatic Trimmer L® device does not require the removal of leaves prior to trimming. No longer will you waste untold hours meticulously pruning your branches of unwanted leaves. Just switch on the device, feed it with flowers and the rest is done by the Automatic Trimmer L® device.

Automatic Trimmer® - how does it work
  • Wet cannabis trimming up to 5kg /hour, dry cannabis trimming up to 30kg /hour
  • wet trimming
    up to 30 kg/hour
  • dry trimming
    up to 5 kg /hour
  • Retail Price: 6490 €

Automatic Trimmer L® in detail

The Automatic Trimmer L® has been designed and developed by Sunflower Trimmer Ltd., using the most advanced technologies and processes.

We have cooperated with the Technical University in Brno and other design centers where the device has been improved and tested for perfect usability. The result is a unique, never before seen, automatic device for cannabis trimming.

„Trimming is easy“ is our company vision and our goal. It is what has led us through the process of developing the Automatic Trimmer L®.

Cannabis flowers are loaded into a black plastic hopper and moved into a stainless steel tumbler where they are trimmed. All automatically with no additional effort. The flowers are rotated in the tumbler and slowly moved through to a collection bag. Blades are just 1mm from the tumbler which allows for a perfect trimming. The Automatic trimmer L® stands on the Blower Workstation L to suck the leaves into the waste bag.

Technical specifications:

Device size (h,w,d):
Device weight:
Wet trimming:
20 to 30 kg/h
Dry trimming:
4 to 5 kg/h

Automatic Trimmer L

0.25 kW
Motor IP enclosure rating:
IP 55
1365 min-1
Tumbler rotation:
100 min-1
Tumbler diameter:
Rotor length:
Trimming surface length:
Tumbler and blade distance:
Number of Tumbler sheets:

Workstation L

Air output:
1200 m3/h
Max. suction:
1500 Pa
Inlet neck diameter:
100 mm
Output power:
0,55 kw
Motor IP enclosure rating:
IP 55
Motor rotation:
2800 rpm

Exchangeable tumbler system

The Exchangeable Tumbler System concept has been developed for the most demanding users. Tumbler swaps have never been easier, and no tools are required. Just swap the Tumblers by hand and in no time you can carry on with trimming. You’ll see your downtime, as well as costs, drop rapidly while your profits soar.

The Exchangeable Tumbler System allows you to swap tumblers easily to alternate between wet and dry trimming

No tooling and no complicated assembly required!

Exchangeable tumbler system

Tumbler Dry

Tumbler Dry – specially developed for dry flowers. The optimal hole size and tumbler rotation allows top quality processing. The gentlest automatic device on market.

Tumbler Dry

Tumbler for device AT L, 7mm hole diameter

Tumbler Wet

Tumbler Wet –developed for wet trimming. A 7mm hole size, the most effective for any flower size, easily enters into Tumbler Wet and perfectly trims ends in a waste bag.

Tumbler Wet

Tumbler for device AT L, 5 mm hole diameter

Trimming efectivity comparison

See the difference between trimming with our machine and the competition or even hand trimming.
The 5 year warranty is another great advantage of our products.

Hand trimmingHand trimming


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Automatic Trimmer - LAutomatic Trimmer


Easy cleaning and maintenance

Cleaning has never been easier. No complicated tools needed. All you need is a plastic spatula, alcohol and paper tissue. All device parts easily accessible.

Virtually maintenance free with no complicated set-up. For more info – visit web section for Maintenance manual.

Support & Enquiries

We offer dedicated support to our customers. The most common questions are answered in the product manual, but feel free to contact us directly. If you prefer to contact us overe phone, our support team is here for you.

Product videos

Guarantee 5 years

Guarantee 5 years

We are proud of our work and give a 5 year warranty without exceptions. You can find warranty conditions in the product manual.

Disclaimer: The Sunflower-trimmer® machines are intended for use on legal herbs only. Sunflower-trimmer takes no responsibility for use of the machines on any other plants.